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Judge Ruling Sets Precedent for Instagram IP Law. Here’s What That Means for Content Creators.

Mashable beats copyright infringement claim; judge rules content creator gave up rights by posting to Instagram.

One Brick At A Time

Joyner Lucas reminds of the power of video content and an intentional content strategy with new music video ‘Will’.

WFH Wake Up Call

Pursuing the path of a full time creative entrepreneur can be a nerve wracking journey. Read more about the 5 most...

Greatness Is Contagious, But So Is Bullsh*t

You get better being around better people. In art, in music, in business. Greatness is contagious, but so is bullsh*t.

How To Get Ahead During COVID-19

3 things creators can do to level up while "social distancing".

COVID-19 Artist & Freelance Resource Guide

Learn more about some of the resources available to artists and freelance professionals as we begin to deal with the...