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RISE and SHOOT February 2020


Rise and Shoot is an event we created for the photographers, models, designers and stylists of the REC Community. We set up photo activations, lighting setups, and backdrops around all the studios. We team up with local brands to provide models with a few different looks and split the attendees into teams. Whether you’re taking photos, editing, styling or just sharing tips, the goal of the day is to collaborate and create with someone new.





Rise&Shoot2020-4 (1)_2000

  • R&S_FEB-8_2000
  • R&S_FEB-7_2000
  • R&S_FEB-6_2000
  • R&S_FEB-4_2000
  • R&S_FEB-3_2000
  • R&S_FEB-12_2000
  • R&S_FEB-10_2000
  • R&S_FEB-1_2000

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Posted by REC Philly on Feb 10, 2020 6:55:44 PM
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