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Latest Posts

Welcome to Season 2!

Find out what’s new at REC. Product updates, Season structure & more.

4 Things Every Creative Should Focus On Right Now

Small adjustments to set yourself up for big success as an entrepreneur.

REC Announces New Relief Program with Over $20,000 In Grants for Local Artists

Learn more about REC's efforts to provide a collection of resources to support Black creators & those impacted by COVID...

REC Session
Understanding Your Value Tips For Running A Business As A Creator

You’re a creator business. It’s time to start moving like one.

That Time Lyft Paid Us to Throw a Party

As college students returned to Philadelphia, Lyft was looking for a powerful activation to engage millennials & to...

Judge Ruling Sets Precedent for Instagram IP Law. Here’s What That Means for Content Creators.

Mashable beats copyright infringement claim; judge rules content creator gave up rights by posting to Instagram.

REC Session
GROWTH TO SCALE: How to 10x your sales using Facebook and Instagram

REC Session led by Abu Fofanah on how to grow your creative sales using Facebook and Instagram.

REC Session
Lost & Found: A Guide to Gaining Traction with Google

Recap of our first REC Session creator workshop in April, led by She’ Neil Johnson as shares the knowledge on...

REC Session
Turning A Passion Project Into An Event Series

REC Session led by Kelsey McKee & The Self Series on how building the right community starts with satisfying yourself.

One Brick At A Time

Joyner Lucas reminds of the power of video content and an intentional content strategy with new music video ‘Will’.

What Were Listening To: Vol. 1

Wanna keep up with what the REC squad has been listening to? Tune into your music soundtrack to social distancing.

WFH Wake Up Call

Pursuing the path of a full time creative entrepreneur can be a nerve wracking journey. Read more about the 5 most...

Greatness Is Contagious, But So Is Bullsh*t

You get better being around better people. In art, in music, in business. Greatness is contagious, but so is bullsh*t.

REC Session
Freelance To Freedom: How To Grow Your Clientele & Cash Flow

Check out our full length recap of our REC Session with Melissa Alam as she shares tips on how to create a structured...

Creator Talk
POWERSHIFT: A Convo With Daymond John

The FUBU founder & Shark Tank star shares his secrets to getting everything he wants out of life.

How To Get Ahead During COVID-19

3 things creators can do to level up while "social distancing".

COVID-19 Artist & Freelance Resource Guide

Learn more about some of the resources available to artists and freelance professionals as we begin to deal with the...

February 2020: Armani Lee & Jada Lee

Over the weekend, we celebrated our second LIVE at REC of the year. February’s was extra special with two longtime...

REC Session
Creating an Experience From Entry to Exit

For our Creating an Experience From Entry to Exit REC Session, we brought in the pros of 6ix8ight to lead a workshop on...

Creator Talk
What Do You Do?

A panel conversation on finding your creative purpose, passion, and persona featuring Brendan Lowry, Chill Moody, and...

REC Session
Making Something Out Of Nothing - A Photographer's Journey​

Over the weekend, photography life hack legend PhobyMo led a workshop giving some background on her journey as a...

RISE and SHOOT February 2020

RiseandShoot is an event we created for the photographers, models, designers and stylists of the REC Community.

January 2020: Max Swan, Al Zamora, & Saharah Moon

You always remember your first. This was our first official Live at REC in the new space. Thank you to Max Swan, Al...

Creator Talk
How Do I Get Paid To Be Myself?

Hosted our first Creator talk of the year with 3 entrepreneurs who’ve made a living doing what they love. We’ve...

REC Session
From Concept To Creation

Josh Lang, leader & designer of BWC Garments, led a Product Creator workshop on using ideas, inspirations & personal...

REC Session
What's Your Sound?

Producer led workshop unpacking the difference between “searching for a sound” and “becoming a sound”. Teaching...